Antonio Carraro

In 1910, young Giovanni Carraro (Antonio Carraros father) invented a multi-functional farming vehicleone which would later give rise to today's multi-national corporation with activities in over 100 different countries. The Antonio Carraro Tractor company is still a family owned and operated business, one which places emphasis on high quality, innovation, and understanding the needs of customers. The family is so proud of its products that their fathers name is on every unit produced. It has been this way from the beginning and will always continue. Yes, the founding father Mr. Antonio Carraro is still very involved in the company!

Antonio Carraro opts for a niche production of tractors, from 20 to 100 hp, with four driving wheels. In short it becomes the sector leader as the number of models increases. Strength point of the company is the R&D (Research and Development) department, source of projects to develop innovative and original products from 1979.

Thanks to the experience and the heritage of technical solutions which the firm has acquired in time, Antonio Carraro increases its market niches from specialized agriculture to civil sector. The “Groundcare” division is developed: it is a range of professional machines dedicated to green maintenance, roadways, urban cleaning.

After a phase of internal restructuring with the help of Porsche Consulting the company is ready to take on new challenges in the worldwide market. The keyword is “kaizen”, continuous improvement of all activities. Every single detail and opportunity for the company can be developed in favour of the end-user.

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